Casio Authorised Dealer Stock


Indian clock company is an aggregator of stock from all leading brands and its authorised dealers. Casio India has launched a concept of ONLINE sales stock and OFFLINE sales Stock. has OFFLINE sales stock to sell.

Why OFFLINE Sales stock?

1. This stock is sourced from Authorised Branded dealers of Casio India

2. Dealers can offer discounts on the same.

3. This is the latest manufactured stock.

4. Its an untouched or a non-display stock. So, you receive a brand-new masterpiece.


Why Not ONLINE Sales stock?

1. Casio India want to have customer data of Online Sales to further market them, we don’t want our customers to be spammed with marketing from Casio India.

2. Casio does not allow online portals to offer discounts on NEW watches. Hence you will see Casio being sold online on MRPs

3. Discounts are allowed on only stock older then 1 year. Since Indian Clock Company sells only brand new stock, hence we don’t want our customers to face any aftersales issues.



Warranty Services of Casio

ICC has 12 years old relationship with Casio. All our customers who order Casio watches from us have the benefit to claim service centres warranty at their end from their local service centre for 2 years.

The service center warranty claim procedure is time consuming and hence ICC gives them the additional service of FREE PICKUP AND DROP service, anywhere in India, for servicing their watches from Casio’s Biggest service center in New Delhi for FREE during their warranty period.


1. No need to go to drop your watch for service and wait for hours for your turn to come and waste your day

2. A good service center might be far from your place, so you face travel time and unnecessary hassles.

3. ICC service time VIA Casio is 1/4th as your watch reaches the best Casio service center in India

4. Your, Pickup and drop is insured against all damages. So your watches are completely safe.

5. ICC has a team of experts that check your watch properly before dispatch and hence it double checks for no future complaints


You can raise your service requests via Email, Whatsapp, Phone call or Chat messages.